QMax Industries, Inc. specializes in high-performance Steam Tracing, Equipment Jacketing and Tank Heating. QMax products are used in many applications to heat (or cool) many different types of equipment such as process piping, piping components (valves, pumps, meters, strainers and more) and vessels, tanks and drums.

  • High-Performance Heat Tracing
    • QMax Fluid and Electric Tracing Systems combine the simplicity, flexibility and low cost of stainless steel or copper tube tracing or some types of electric tracing, with the design scrutiny and high-performance of a fully jacketed heating system. These patented systems are the newest gereration of heat tracing.

      QMax Fluid Tracing System   QMax Electric Tracing System
      Use QMax FTS with a single tube tracer to create a high-performance heating system that can offer the same results as fully jacketed pipe.   Use QMax ETS with all types of electric tracing to redirect the heat energy into the process instead of the air around the pipe to eleminate cold spots and maximize performance.
  • Equipment Heating Jackets
    • QMax Fluid and Electric Heating Jackets are designed to maintain specific process temperatures on process equipment such as flanges, nozzles, valves, pumps, meters, strainers and more. Each jacket is designed specifically for each piece of process equipment to your specifications.

      QMax Fluid Heating Jacket   QMax Electric Heating Jacket
      QMax FHJ transfers heat energy from heating fluid such as steam into the aluminmum jacket and then around the process equipment to create a "heat shield" around the component.   QMax EHJ transfers heat energy from an electric cartridge heater into the alumimum jacket and around the process equipment to create a "heat shield" around the component.
  • Tank Heating Solutions
    • QMax Tank Heating Solutions are designed to maintain specific process temperatures inside Tanks, Vessels and other containers using internal heating or external heating. Both systems use standard pipes or tubes as the carrier for the heating medium and both use highly conductive aluminum to rapidly transfer the heat into the process.

      QMax QFin Tank Heating System   Internal Coil Tank Heating
      QFin is specifically designed for high-viscosity fluids such as Asphalt, Bitumen and Coker Feeds. Its patent-pending design allows for 1,000% more heated surface area than regular pipe yet allows for easy removal and reinstallation of fins if the product cokes on the fins.   QMax FTS is installed around the outside of a tank or vessel to create a high-performance heating system that can offer more consistent results than plate coils without the head-aches of fully-welded dimple or half-pipe jackets.
  • HTC & Accessories
    • QMax Industries, Inc. supplies all installation hardware required to properly install our sustems from heat transfer compounds to heavy-duty banding equipment. Click here to see a list of these products.

      It is recommended that only QMax installation hardware be used with any QMax product without prior approval.

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      HTC & Accessories