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QMax High Viscosity Fluid Heat Exchanger is the most effective heat exchanger in the market for heating viscous fluids such as asphalt and bitumen.  Our unique design uses QFin (longitudinal, bolt-on fins) to         increase the heat transfer surface area of the removable heating bundle by 1,000%.

QMax performs thermal calculations using our proprietary software to accurately predict the heat transfer through the exchanger.  We offer standard designs and custom designs to fit most applications and available footprints. 

Asphalt Heating | Heat Exchanger

Example of a 24” x 20 foot

long Booster Heater.

The unique design of the QMax High Viscosity Fluid Heat Exchanger allows for the easy removal of the actual tube bundle AND the removability of the fins if ever coked.  Compared with traditional shell and tube heat exchangers, the cleaning complexity and cycle is far less.  With replaceable QFin, the installation can be completed in less than a day.

Case Study:  ABC Terminals had a 120’ x 40’ tank containing asphalt.  The normal storage and shipping temperature was 350° F.  By using the QMax High Viscosity Fluid Heat Exchanger, the normal storage temperature was lowered to 300° F. The shipping temperature remained at 350°F. Asphalt was pumped through at 300 gallons/minute.


Return On Investment based on Energy Savings = 12 months

Usage and Benefits of QMax High Viscosity Heat Exchanger:

  • Energy Saver by reducing tank temperatures and heating product only as needed

  • Asphalt / Bitumen Producers, Terminals and Emulsion Plants heating product to and from Loading

  • Recirculating/Heating viscous fluids externally to heat a tank

  • Emergency Heating after a coil failure (Rentals Units Available)

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