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Sulphur Steam Heat Tracing System

QMax Industries designs and manufactures specialized process sulphur steam heat tracing systems for industrial piping, vessels and equipment. We offer High Performance Heat Tracing, Equipment Heating and Sulphur Tank Heating solutions. Our innovative systems help make us the Authority in Steam Tracing. We help Sulphur Recovery Units & Tail Gas Units (TGU, AAG, SWS & Liquid Sulphur) and other sulphur-related operations to maximize process efficiency and minimize plant downtime.

No matter what your sulphur steam

tracing system application, QMax has

a product to meet your needs and budget.

From our flagship FTS System to our

QMax FPX System for freeze protection, we

have you covered.  Our systems help

reduce your energy use and capital

costs, saving you money.

No other company focuses on
sulphur steam heat tracing systems like QMax.

Trust your Steam Tracing to the Authority

"We utilized Qmax FTS on a molten sulphur line where a previous system had failed.  We couldn't be happier with the how well it is performing.

The set-up was easy to adopt.  We now have 4 Qmax FTS lines running. The support we received was great and we found the Qmax people very responsive in getting the product to us on time.  I'd highly recommend this product for a high heat application."
- Chris Miller
  Advan Six
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