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QMax FHJ | Steam Jacket | Valve Jacket

High-Performance Valve Jacketing

QMax FHJ (Fluid Heating Jackets) are Custom made from aluminum and are designed to maintain specific process temperatures on process equipment such as flanges, nozzles, valves, pumps, meters, strainers and more. QMax FHJ's are equipped with pressure chambers which contain the heating medium. The aluminum conducts the heat throughout the jacket to create a "heat shield" effect around the component.

Advantages of QMax Heating Jackets over wrapping tube tracing around the component:

  • Less Installation Time

  • Reusable Jacket

  • Covers entire component including flanges which are Heat Sinks

  • Consistent Performance

Advantages of QMax Heating Jackets over Weld-On or Integrally Cast Heating Jackets:

  • Lower Installed Cost

  • Reusable Jacket

  • Covers entire component including flanges which are Heat Sinks

  • Cross-Contamination Risk is eliminated since the Metallurgy of the jacket is independent of component

QMax jackets are specifically designed for your application whether it is a common valve or a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment. In most cases, QMax can design the jacket while the component is inline or in the manufacturing facility. Please fill out our QMax FHJ Evaluation Questionnaire and send it to your representative for individual application attention.

QMax FHJ Technical Specifications:

  • Body Material: A319 Cast Aluminum

  • Thermal Conductivity: ~754 BTU inch/hr ft^2 F 

  • Maximum Temperature: 750 F (399 C)

  • Pressurized Material: Stainless Steel (others available)

  • Standard Rating: 150 psig at 400 F (call for higher ratings)

  • Standard Connection Type: 1/2 inch SS Tubing (Many other connection types available)

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