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High-Performance Hot Oil Tracing

QMax CST Offers Consistent Results whether the goal is:

  • Process Temperature Maintenance

  • Minimum Pipe Wall Temperature Maintenance

  • Light-duty Process Heat-Up

  • Critical Process Freeze Protection


QMax CST (Carbon Steel Tracing) is a 1” x 2.25” rectangular pipe contoured on one side to match the outside diameter of the process pipe. Specifically designed for long-run hot oil tracing,


QMax CST can be pre-fabricated from customer drawings or it can be provided as parts and pieces to be fabricated in the field. In either case, QMax Industries, Inc. will provide a thermal analysis to size the system.

QMax CST is formed from SA 178 Gr. A, carbon steel boiler tubing. The elements are fabricated and tested in accordance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, Section VIII, Div. 1 or Section IX.


QMax Industries models the thermal characteristics of each application so the results of the QMax CST system are well understood and consistent. The profile of QMax CST is customized to each individual pipe size to ensure optimum results for each application.

REQUEST A QUOTATION for your application. Fill out our QMax CST EVALUATION QUESTIONNAIRE and send the Questionnaire and a drawing to your representative for individual attention. We treat every application uniquely to offer the right solution for you.

QMax CST Technical Specifications:

Material:  SA178 Grade A Boiler Tube (carbon steel)
Thermal Conductivity:  ~354 BTU/hr ft^2 °F
Maximum Temperature Limitation:  750 F (399 °C)
Weight:  ~ 2.5 lb/ft (3.9 kg/m) (without HTC or Banding)

CALL: +1 704-643-7299

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CST on Piping

QMax | Hot Oil Tracing | controtrace

CST on Tanks & Vessels

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