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External Heat Transfer Surface for Tanks and Vessels

QMax Industries offers the most coil and plate options for heating process equipment. QRex is a heat transfer surface customized for your industrial application. QRex is highly effective for both heating and cooling processes within industrial facilities specializing in oil, chemical, asphalt, sulfur, food, renewables and more. 

QMax QRex Offers Consistent Tank Heating Results whether the goal is:





QMax Industries models the thermal characteristics of each application so the results of the QRex Tank Heating system are consistent. 

For a complimentary evaluation, fill out our QMax QRex Tank Heating  Evaluation Questionnaire and send it to your representative for individual attention. We treat every application uniquely to offer the right solution for you.


QRex Inflated Double Side generally used in immersion applications to transfer heat more directly into the process medium. QRex double embossed construction maximizes the heating and cooling process by utilizing both sides of the heat transfer surface. 

QRex Inflated Single Side embossed heat transfer surface is an economical option when mounting to tank walls or when a flat side is required. 


QRex Dimpled surface construction is machine punched and swaged prior to welding to increase the flow area in the passages. 


QRex Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or alloy

  • Thermal Conductivity:  Application Specific

  • Maximum Temperature Limitation: 750 °F (399 °C)

  • Wall Thickness:  Application Specific

  • Connection Sizes / Types:  Application Specific

QRex Head Coverage.PNG

  • Tank Process Temperature Maintenance

  • Minimum Tank Wall Temperature Maintenance

  • Light-duty Process Heat-Up inside the tank

  • Critical Process Freeze Protection

QRex Double Embossed.PNG
Inflated Double Side
QRex Dimple Surface.PNG
QRex Single Embossed.PNG
Inflated Single Side
Dimple Surface

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