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QMax FTS Installation Tutorial 

Pro Tips for Heat Transfer Compound (HTC)

QMax Industries offers everything needed to properly install our products from

Heat Transfer Compounds to installation banding equipment. We keep most products

in stock to ensure we are meeting your fast delivery needs.

Heat Transfer Compounds

Non-hardening Heat Transfer Compound - The preferred compound to use with heat tracing applications like QMax FTS and QMax ETS. The upper temperature limitation is 450 degrees F.

Hardening Heat Transfer Compound - For higher temperature applications or where hardening compounds are preferred such as heating jackets (QMax FHJ and QMax EHJ). Its upper temperature limitation is 750 degrees F.

High-Temperature Hardening Heat Transfer Compound - For special applications where temperatures are extremely high. Its upper temperature limitation is 1250 degrees F.

Installation Banding Equipment

QMax Tight Band Stainless Steel Banding for optimum tightening capabilities on QMax FTS and QMax ETS systems.

QMax Tight Band Stainless Steel Buckles for optimum securing capabilities.

QTB-T07P or QTB-T07H
QMax Tight Band installation tool for use with the above banding and buckles. Together the Tight Band installation ensures the most efficient heat transfer capabilities of the QMax products. Use of any other installation banding system is not recommended without QMax approval.

                              Pistol Grip Style:                                                                                         Helicopter Style:       

QMax Heat Transfer Compounds (HTC) and Accessories

QMax | Heat Transfer Cement

Tube Bending Equipment


Tool designed to bend tubing to accommodate QMax FTS elbows.  Each tool is marked according to the NPS elbow radius that it bends.  For example, QTUBE-060-L90-S is marked with 6S, 4H and 10T.  This tool bends tubing to fit a long radius 6” NPS SIDE, 4” NPS HEEL and 10” NPS THROAT, respectively.

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