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Tank Heating Advantage


QMax Industries offers a wide variety of internal tank heating coil options. QMax MakoFin enhances the heat transfer of carbon or stainless steel heating coils in applications where traditional finned products cannot be used.


With processes that are highly viscous or contain suspended solids, MakoFin’s patent-pending profile maximizes surface area and minimizes entrapment of fluids and particulates.


Innovated for the polymer modified asphalt (PMA) and rubber modified asphalt (RMA) industries, MakoFin is designed to resist coking / build-up and endure contact with the “island” that accumulates on the surface of many modified asphalt products when the tank is drained.


The bolt-on, fully removable and replaceable design makes MakoFin the most serviceable coil product in the PMA industry to date.

QMAX MakoFin
Innovation in Heat Transfer

MakoFin offers a unique advantage over other finned product solutions when configured as a QMax Coil bank.


Fluid at the bottom of the bank is heated locally, decreasing its density relative to the bulk fluid surrounding the bank.


This generates buoyant forces that cause the heated process to rise across the fins and entrain more fluid into the bottom of the bank.

The buoyant force effect that MakoFin generates increases the U-value (overall heat transfer coefficient) of the bank and maximizes the utility of the surface area that MakoFin provides.

MakoFin Coil Bank 10 ft r2.png
MakoFin detail angle sq r2.png




QMax Industries models the thermal characteristics of each application so the results of MakoFin are consistent.  MakoFin can also be supplied as individual strips or as an entire internal coil bank assembly for one-pick installation. Please fill out our Evaluation Questionnaire and send it to your representative for individual attention. We treat every application uniquely to offer the right solution for you

QMax MakoFin Technical Specifications:

  • Material: 6063-T5 Aluminum 

  • Thermal Conductivity: ~1450 BTU inch/hr ft^2 °F 

  • Maximum Temperature Limitation: 750 F (399 °C)

  • Weight: ~ 7 lb/ft (without coil, HTC or Installation Hardware)

  • Standard internal coil sizes:

    • Pipe = 2, 3, 4 inch CS pipe (other sizes available)

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