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We Are The Steam Tracing Authority

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

QMax Industries Offers More Steam Tracing Options Than Anyone.

QMax Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures process heating systems for industrial piping, vessels and equipment. Their state-of-the-art systems have made them the authority in Steam Tracing. They help companies maximize process efficiency and minimize plant downtime.

QMax Steam Tracing Products

QMax FTS maximizes the heat input of regular stainless steel or copper tube tracer and offers guaranteed results. It is a highly conductive aluminum channel that fits over standard stainless or copper tubing to maximize heat transfer. Field installation is quick and simple.

QMax LITE is designed for light-duty steam tracing and most glycol tracing applications. It transforms the nature of the tracer from inefficient convective heat transfer to high-efficiency conductive heat transfer.

QMax FPX is a continuous steam tracing standoff designed specifically for pipeline freeze protection. The design mitigates the heat transfer of regular stainless steel or copper tube tracer and offers guaranteed results.

QMax CST is a 1” x 2” rectangular carbon steel pipe contoured on one side to match the outside diameter of the process pipe. Specifically designed for long-run hot oil tracing, it can be pre-fabricated to spec or it can be provided as parts and pieces to be fabricated in the field.

QMax Industries, Inc. specializes in High Performance Heat Tracing, Equipment Jacketing and Tank Heating. Visit for more information about all of our products, or call us at 704.643.7299.

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