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Introducing QMax Fabrication Services

QMax Industries Now Provides Fabricated Carbon Steel Tracing (CST) and Pipe / Jacketed Pipe Fabrication

You know QMax Industries as the "Steam Tracing Authority", but do you know about our in-house fabrication capabilities?  And do you also know about QMax CST, our carbon steel tracing product used for hot oil tracing?  We have expanded our services and products!!

QMax CST (Carbon Steel Tracing) is SA178 Gr A boiler tubing formed to a 1” x 2.25” rectangle and contoured on one side to match the outside diameter of the process pipe. Specifically designed for long-run hot oil tracing, it can be pre-fabricated to customer specializations / drawings or it can be provided as parts and pieces to be fabricated in the field.  We also provide process pipe fabrication so that the QMax CST can be pre-installed on the pipe in our shop instead of the field saving time and money on capital projects.  This new capability allows QMax to offer more to our customers to help streamline project execution.

QMax FX (Fabricated Jackets) are custom-made from carbon or stainless steel to fit process equipment such as flanges, nozzles, valves, pumps, meters, strainers and more. QMax FX jackets are designed to create a "heat shield" effect around the component to eliminate freezing and cold spots around the equipment. These jackets can be fabricated as bolt-on orweld-on.

QMax now offers Jacketed Pipe specifications, design, stress analysis and fabrication to its customers.  From simple carbon steel x carbon steel fabrication to High-Alloy Polymer Jacketed Pipe systems, we've got you covered.   Get QMax involved early on projects so we can help optimize jacketed pipe design.  Our Project Managers and Staff have over 200 combined years of experience in jacketed pipe design and will offer tips that no other company can.

QMax fabrication services utilizes ASME code welders to assure the highest quality fabricated products and systems. 

QMax Industries, Inc. specializes in High Performance Heat Tracing, Equipment Jacketing and Tank Heating. Visit to learn more about all of our products, or call us at 704.643.7299

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